For foreigners About overseas delivery method

For foreign customers
About overseas delivery method

Thank you for visiting us.
Opportunities are increasingly being asked as to whether foreign shipping overseas delivery is possible to many foreign customers.
However, we do not deliver furniture overseas.
I'm sorry.

Basically, Sorry to trouble you,you will arrange for overseas delivery by yourself.
In addition, if you want to do overseas delivery as another method please use the following personal shopper service (=shopping agency service).

Personal shopper service management company ,Baggage forward

In this service, it is a service which makes from the purchase of items to overseas delivery arrangement on behalf of the customer.
Please confirm the above contents HP for detailed contents.

Please agree to the following conditions when using the above service.
1, If you use this service, you can not prepay only for items at this shop. Because we want you to purchase after checking the total price including the item price and shipping cost.

2, Please use this service and purchase items within 5 days. We will HOLD the item for 5 days.

3, Please record the item photo and item number for the item you want to purchase. Purchasing can be done smoothly when you use this service.

4,Even after 5 days, if there is no contact from the company or customer,
Indeed without permission we will cancel the reserve of the item.

Overseas delivery costs are very expensive. Please note that it costs more than or equal to the amount of the item.

Notes on antique products

1, Although it is repairing so that it can be used without problems, there may be scratches and spots, warping of woods, traces of wormholes, etc due to old things. Please check before you buy.
2, Cancellation after purchase can not be done.
3, Please be careful as trees will be damaged if placed in direct sunlight or dry place.